ClickCease Steps to Waterproof Your House to Prepare for Storms

Steps to Waterproof Your House to Prepare for Storms

Thursday, October 27, 2022 - written by Green Frog Waterproofing

When a storm rolls through, many of us naively think that it won’t really affect our homes. Unfortunately, that’s not always the reality. Throughout the U.S., 14,000 people find themselves dealing with home water damage every day, with an average insurance claim of over $11,000. 

The good news is that you can help prevent expensive water damage to your home by implementing waterproofing solutions. Keep reading to learn more about how water might affect your home and which waterproofing services might make the most sense for you. 

How to Determine Which Areas of Your Home Are at Risk

Before you waterproof your home, you need to figure out which areas of your home are most vulnerable. To do this, take some time to look around your home before a storm hits, by following these steps. 

Get in the Mindset of Water

The first thing to remember is how water works. It seeks the lowest places around your home, so keep that in mind as you do your inspection. 

Head to the Street

Next, stand at your street and look at your lot and house. Where would the water go based on the elevation of your land and the setup of your home?

Look Up

Now, take a walk around your home and look up. Are your gutters clean and clear? Or are they dumping roof water next to your foundation or into clogged pipes? As a good rule of thumb, water needs to be dumped at least 10 feet away from your home’s foundation. 

Look Down

Continue walking around your home, this time looking down. Do you have positive or negative drainage? According to local building codes, water should positively drain away from your house at 5% grade (dropping down 6 inches at 10 feet away from the foundation). 

Are there any trees within 10 feet of your house? If so, you may need to think about cutting them down, removing the roots, and backfilling the area with tampable dirt. 

Finally, look at your walkway and driveway. Would water drain toward your house in those areas? If so, you may need to install a channel grate or think about repouring the cement.

Waterproof Your Home With These Solutions

After inspecting your home, did you notice areas of concern? Here at Green Frog Waterproofing, we offer a variety of different waterproofing solutions that can help protect your home during even the strongest storms. 

yard drainage helps waterproof your house
Yard Drainage Solution

French Drains

French drain systems help drain ground and surface water away from the foundation of your home, as they’re installed in a sloping manner. 

Gutter Extensions

If you notice standing water in your yard after it rains, gutter extensions may help. They attach to the end of your downspouts and then to a drainage pipe so water moves away from your home. We can extend your downspouts in smooth-bore hard pipe so that they can be maintained every year and will be less likely to crush, clog or undulate.

Yard Drainage

Another option to eliminate standing water is a yard drainage solution. We offer underground drainage, channel drains, isolated drain areas, and more, based on the specifics of your yard.


If the slope of your yard is leading to water damage concerns, the best option may be to change it. Using our grading machinery, we can change the slope of your yard so it’s less vulnerable. 

Here for All Your Waterproofing Needs

We understand that protecting your home against water damage can be overwhelming. When deciding if you need to waterproof your home, have our team come out to do an inspection and give you a free estimate. 

We’ll come up with a plan based on the specifics of your home so you don’t have to worry the next time it storms. Contact us when you’re ready to get started!