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French Drains

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Are you in need of a French drain in your yard, basement French drain, or crawl space French drain?

Request a Free Inspection¬†today. Our Moisture Intrusion Specialist will visit your home and provide you with a custom solution to improve your home’s health and value. A French drain is one of many ways to address a water problem in or around your home, and our Specialist may even determine that there is a more effective or cost efficient way to solve your problem. We evaluate each home with a problem solving approach, and we pride ourselves on providing you with a range of affordable options to suit your goals and budget.

French Drain Installation

French drain systems are used to help drain ground and surface water away from an area, usually the foundation of a house, a crawl space or basement, or any other important structure. A French drain is also useful for gardening, as a backup for retaining walls, and for draining water away from a septic tank. French drains work by employing the principle of gravity. French drain installation involves systems being installed in a slightly sloping manner, in order to direct water from the problem area to another area, usually a dry well, which returns the excess water to the nearby supply of groundwater, sometimes to a rain garden. Green Frog Waterproofing uses special pipe in our French drain systems to prevent dirt or plant roots from clogging the drain system. The French drain is then covered with sod, dirt, or gravel.

Benefits of French Drain Systems

In addition to mitigating the damaging effects of water on the structure of a home, French drains can be beneficial for water conservation efforts. Green Frog Waterproofing can advise homeowners on ways to efficiently use the water resources on their property. For example, a rain garden is an invention that uses wetland plants to absorb excess water and return it to the atmosphere through the process of transpiration. Incorporating a technique such as this helps to mitigate the damaging effects of water on the structure of a home. This is in fact one of the easiest ways to keep your basement dry, and is one of the best foundations to a basement waterproof design. Understanding the importance of French drain systems and how they work is helpful to maintaining a dry crawl space and basement.


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