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Do you have a grading problem that is a little too big for a DIY project? Or perhaps your grading requires heavy machinery. We can help!

Request a Free Inspection today. Our Moisture Intrusion Specialist will visit your home and carefully evaluate your yard drainage problem. Our grading experts can provide you with a solution that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. We evaluate each home with a problem solving approach, and we pride ourselves on providing you with a range of affordable options to suit your goals and budget.

Grading Solutions

What is grading? Simply put, it is moving dirt from one place to another to achieve a desired slope. It can involve adding dirt to a low spot or removing dirt from a high spot, but it usually involves both. Grading is typically performed with heavy machinery. There are several different grading techniques that are referred to by various names. Below is a glossary of grading techniques with the names used by our Moisture Intrusion Specialists.

  • Berm: A narrow, raised mound that provides a barrier to prevent water from flowing to a particular area.
  • Swell: A long, narrow, gently sloping depression that provides a channel for water to flow to a particular area. A swell is often used to encourage water to run where it is already naturally attempting to run.
  • Ditch: A long, deep depression with a capacity to carry large volumes of water.
  • Positive Slope: By code, there should be a 5% slope away from the foundation of your home. In other words, the ground that touches your house should be 3″ higher than the ground that is 5′ away from your house. When you have neutral slope or, worse yet, negative slope, then you will have water sitting beside your foundation and potentially compromising your foundation.


You are a unique individual, living in a unique home, on a unique piece of property.
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