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Basement Waterproofing

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Is your basement wet, damp, or leaky? Do you have mold growth or a musty odor? We can fix it!

Request a Free Inspection of your wet basement today. Our basement waterproofing experts will visit your home and provide you with a custom solution to improve your home’s health and value. There are many ways to address your unique basement problem. We evaluate each home’s basement with a problem solving approach, and we pride ourselves on providing you with a range of affordable options to suit your goals and budget.

Repairing Basement Leaks

An unresolved basement leak and other water issues can cause significant harm to the structure of your home. The consistent presence of water in a wet basement can encourage the growth of mold and mildew,¬†which can significantly harm your home’s indoor air quality. In addition, damp basements attract insects and rodents as they search for water sources for their survival. There are two common options available to solve wet basement problems:

  • Interior Solutions: Interior work on a wet basement utilizes a drainage system inside your basement to control the water that is entering, directing it to a sump pump. This method should never be called waterproofing, but rather water control. Water control systems allow the water in, in order to pump it back out.
  • Exterior Solutions: Basement waterproofing is accomplished by exterior excavation to the bottom of the foundation, installation of proper drainage, and treatment of the walls to prevent water from entering.

The majority of basement waterproofing and water control solutions are being performed by system companies. System companies may claim to offer different methods, but will always steer you towards their method, which is usually an interior water control system. This one-size-fits-all approach to basement waterproofing benefits the waterproofing company more often than the customer.


You are a unique individual, living in a unique home, on a unique piece of property.
This is why Green Frog believes that your water issue deserves a unique solution.