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Gutter Extensions

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Do you have standing water or erosion in your yard?

Request a Free Inspection today. Our Moisture Intrusion Specialist will visit your home and determine if gutter extensions are right for you. We evaluate each home with a problem solving approach, and we pride ourselves on providing you with a range of affordable options to suit your goals and budget.

Yard Drainage Problems

If your yard lacks proper landscaping and has inadequate drainage, it can turn into a rather large mess during hard rainfalls. The result can be large puddles, ponds, and sometimes even flooding inside your home. Even if the water never enters the livable space in your house, it might still flood a basement or crawlspace, which of course can create another set of problems such insect and rodent infestation, mold growth, HVAC system rust, and foundation damage. In addition, if there are higher land areas near your home, the water from those areas may drain into your yard along with the rain, and you must find a way to drain it before it accumulates. This often occurs when your neighbor’s property is located higher than your own.

Installation of Gutter Extensions

A prime suspect for yard drainage issues are the downspouts on your home. Downspouts are commonly installed on homes; however they are rarely set up properly to ensure excess water is moved far enough away from the foundation of the house. If the downspout is┬ádraining water directly at the base of the house, this can lead to your lawn or garden literally being eroded away. If the water draining from the roof isn’t directed away from the house, it will quickly find its way down into the foundation of your house and can flood the surrounding area in your yard. Adapters, also known as gutter or downspout extensions, can be attached to the end of the downspout, then connected to a drainage pipe which leads the water away from the home. In order to guarantee proper drainage throughout your entire yard, a complete underground drain system tailored to your specific yard’s needs is highly recommended. Collectively, the system would divert all excess water downhill where it can be released without causing damage to your home or landscape.


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