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Myers Park’s Trusted Choice for Waterproofing Solutions

Friday, September 23, 2022 - written by Green Frog Waterproofing

When homeowners in Myers Park notice issues with poor drainage, leaks, musty smells, or other water issues, they know that Green Frog Waterproofing is the name to call for help. We’re proud to be your local choice for waterproofing solutions and moisture control. 

Myers Park Waterproofing Services 

If left alone, water issues can cause serious damage to your home. Our team offers an extensive list of moisture control solutions in Myers Park and surrounding areas. 

Sealed Crawl Spaces

Is your Myers Park crawl space damp or moldy? Our team can seal or encapsulate the area to keep moisture out and improve your home’s air quality. 

Basement Waterproofing

Is noticing a musty smell in your basement the norm? This can lead to mold and attract pests into your Myers Park home. Our basement waterproofing services can eliminate the issue.

French Drains

If you’re worried about water sitting near your home’s foundation, consider installing a French drain, which directs water away from the problem area.

Gutter Extensions

The next time it rains, pay attention to your landscaping. If you notice large standing puddles, you might need gutter extensions to help prevent damage to your basement, crawl space, or foundation. 

Vapor Barriers

When was the last time you thought about the vapor barrier in your Myers Park crawl space? If it’s been a while, it could be torn or even missing. In that case, don’t hesitate to install a new system to help prevent future damage.

Dehumidifiers /  Sump Pumps

Though you might not realize it, humidity and moisture in your crawl space can make their way into your home, leading to serious issues. Installing a dehumidifier can help draw that excess moisture out of the air. We also offer sump pump repair services and can install a battery-operated backup for extra protection. 

Yard Drainage

After a day of heavy rain throughout Myers Park, you might find your yard full of standing water. We offer a number of yard drainage solutions to help eliminate the issues and prevent damage to your foundation. 


Looking to change your home’s grading? Our team of experts has the equipment needed to perform a variety of different grading techniques to transform your yard.


Proper insulation can help keep your home at a more comfortable temperature, regardless of what the weather is like outside. If your insulation is dirty, moldy, or missing, let our team take care of it. 

Foundation / Floor Joist Repair

Damage to your foundation or floor joist system is something you need to take seriously. Our team can help you identify issues and come up with a repair solution to help prevent more expensive problems in the future. 

Mold Testing and Remediation

If left alone, mold growth can affect your family’s health, leading to respiratory issues. At the first sight of mold, contact our remediation team. We’ll not only remove the mold, but we’ll address the root cause of it to prevent more from growing. 

Why Choose Green Frog Waterproofing?

Water damage poses one of the most serious threats to your home. Here at Green Frog Waterproofing, we understand that your home is an asset and we’ll do everything in our power to help you protect it from damage. 

Over the years, we’ve designed more than 700 waterproofing solutions for our customers in Myers Park and surrounding areas and we’d be honored to earn your trust and work on your home next. 

Your Choice for Waterproofing Solutions in Myers Park

If you’re worried you have a water issue in your yard, basement, or crawl space, don’t hesitate to contact the Green Frog Waterproofing team. We proudly offer a free comprehensive evaluation to homeowners in Myers Park so we can evaluate the problem and develop a solution that fits your needs and your budget. Contact us today!