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Insulation Problems

Missing Insulation – Portions of insulation are often removed and never replaced when utilities are installed in the attic or crawl space. Also, older homes often do not have enough insulation to meet today’s standards. Missing insulation is a common cause of cold patches and draftiness.

Dirty and Moldy Insulation – Insulation between the floor joists in your crawl space can become infested with dirt, mold, insects, and critters. The air in your crawl space naturally passes through your insulation as it rises into your living space, therefore transferring tiny mold spores into the air you and your family are breathing. Dirty and moldy insulation is a common cause of musty smells and poor indoor air quality.

Wet Insulation – Aside from being dirty and moldy, crawl space insulation can act as a sponge that soaks up humidity in the air. Mold and critters have an affection for this warm, damp, stagnate environment. The wet insulation can also expedite mold growth on the floor joists and sub floor.

Insulation Solutions

There are more insulation solutions than you might think. For example, traditional crawl spaces are insulated under the floor of the living space. That is one way to do it, but it is actually more beneficial to insulate the walls of the crawl space instead. There are many types, protects, and methods of insulation and here are just a few.

Crawl Space Insulation – A popular solution for missing, dirty, or wet crawlspace insulation is to remove the insulation, sealed the crawl space, and insulate the crawl space walls rather than the sub floor. The benefits of a sealed crawl space include increased energy efficiency of the entire home, improved indoor air quality, and assurance that mold will not return to the crawl space.

Spray Foam Insulation – The highest quality insulation on the market today also has several different applications. Spray foam can be applied to attic floors and walls, crawl spaces, or to the stud walls of a home during the construction process.

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